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parts for model boats
electric poles, lamps...
wheels 0e, H0, H0e, TT, N
Barrels for military vehicles
Barrels for war ships
Cannons for war ships
Barrels and accessories for aircrafts


package: 1 pcs

Kit contain turned parts like masts, spars, boom, bowsprit ... (depend on model).
Ale elements are produce in scale and have proper dimensions and profile.
Usage of hard wood provide high quality and good surface finish.
Wood is unpainted.

UnitScalePieces in kit# EUR/packquantity
Santa Leocadia1:9646MS0113.65
Lexington1:9616MS024.24 0 pcs
HMS Victory1:9652MS0319.00 0 pcs
HMS Bellona1:9642MS0415.02 0 pcs
America1:1009MS053.03 0 pcs
Pogoria1:10012MS064.91 0 pcs
Bounty1:10020MS075.06 0 pcs
Wodnik1:10016MS083.60 0 pcs
Hunter1:9613MS104.04 0 pcs
Golden Hind1:10016MS113.62 0 pcs
Cleopatra1:9632MS1210.09 0 pcs
Revenge1:9619MS136.59 0 pcs
Zawisza Czarny1:10014MS143.67 0 pcs
Towarisz1:10019MS158.06 0 pcs
Kruzenshtern1:10030MS1615.87 0 pcs

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